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AMO Ophthalmology

Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) is a locally registered NGO first established In 1994. Itis the largest iedigenous provider of disability and rehabilitation services in the country. 
CCBRT alms to empower people with disabilities and their families, improve their quality of life, and ensure access to medical and rehabilitative treatment.
Committed to preventing disabilities wherever possible. CCBRT is also engaged in extensive maternal and newborn healthcare (MNHC) activities and Is currently constructing a Maternity and Newborn Hospital which will serve as a referral centre for high risk and emergency deliveries in the region Of Dar. es Salaam and the Eastern Zone of Tanzania. 
Duties to Include:
  1. Diagnose and treat diseases and injuries of eyes, examine patients for symptoms indicative of organic or congenital ocular disorders and determine nature and extent of injury or disorder. 
  2. Perform various tests to determine vision loss.
  3. Prescribe and administer medications and perform surgeries if indicated. 
  4. Direct remedial activities to aid in regaining vision, or to utilize sight remaining by writing prescriptions for corrective glasses and instructing a patient in eye exercise.
  5.  Develop and implement plans and procedures for ophthalmic services.
  6.  Take part with colleagues within the eye department in the management both of acute, non-elective and elective patients. This involves both inpatient management and outpatient follow up as appropriate. 
  7. Provlde ophthalmic consultation to other medical professionals whenever needed. 
  8. Provision of a 'wrap around' assessment and treatment service for patients referred by junior doctors and working in conjunction with other members of the multidisciplinary teem, provide the appropriate treatment in line with clinical criteria. 
  9. To participate in medical audit, consultant appraisal and in continuing medical education.
  10. Assisting on planning, implementation and management of the ophthalmology services. 
  • Assistant Medical Officer (AMO) with specialization in Ophthalmology from a recognized institution (E) 
  • At least 6 years work experience as AMO ophthalmologist in a recognized institution (E) 
  • Registered by Medical Council of Tanganyika (E)  

Work Experience 
  • Effective counseling skills and Strong teaching skills(E). 
  • Strong planning skids and a methodological approach to problem solving (E) 
E - Essential, P - Preferred 
We are an equal opportunities empbyer people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
Please submit a letter of Application or cumculurn vitae with two references and maximum one Page cover letter on why you  believe you are the right candidate for this position..

Please send it via email to: recruitment@ccbrtortz or by post to the Human Resources Department, P.O Box 23310, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
Tel: +255 (0)22 260 1543,255 (0) 22 260 2192, 
Fax: .255 (0) 22 260 1544. 
Website: www.ccbrt.ortz. 
Closing date for Applications: 8th June 2015. 
Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted 
Source:The Citizen 15th May 2015
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