Saturday, May 16, 2015

Software Development Expert

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Tanzania Country Office wishes to engage a competent Individual to undertake the above mentioned assignment detailed in the Terms of Reference (ToR) embedded in the above specified Individual Procurement Notice (ICPN). 
Interested eligible bidder may obtain the complete documents (the TOR, ICPN, IC Conditions and P11) from the following link: http://we.t1/5oyqoimTwx.  
Applicants should separate Technical and Financial Proposals. Applications with no financial offer or missing P11 form and CV or the required documents for the technical evaluation will not be considered for evaluation. 
Applications without submitting a financial offer instead of other format will not be considered due to the ease comparison of the received offers.
All necessary information for this post (TOR, Deliverables, Target dates, etc. are presented in the ICPN) therefore applicant must download it from the website as mentioned above. 
Do not send CV only to the Email account mentioned above without Cover Letter and Methodology (if reqiiested) as it will be considered as incomplete application. 
The documents are available in PDF and MS Word (the TOR, ICPN, IC Conditions and P11) download them from the above link this is this is  the only format available and it will not be provided in other formats;
Proposals should be submitted to e-mail address not later than Friday, 22 May 2015 at 13:00 hours Local Time. 
Late proposals will not be accepted. 
182, Mzinga Way, Oysterbay. P. O. Box 9182, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tel: +255-22-2112576 Fax: +255-22-21111668 
Source:The Gurdian 15th May 2015
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