Friday, October 30, 2015

Health minister Kebwe runs to court

Serengeti: A few days after the election supervisor for Serengeti ward, Naomi Nnko declared Chadema parliamentary contestant Marwa Ryoba the winner , deputy minister for Health and Social Welfare Stephen Kebwe who was defending the seat has come out and said he will challenge results in court as the election process was not fair.

Kebwe said the supervisor, Ms Nnko favoured Chadema candidate and that there were many flaws which make him feel his victory was robbed.

“I will contact my lawyer so that we can contest the results in court because the election had many flaws… Some people who are not Serengeti residents voted too,” he said.

Kebwe said in some polling stations tallying of results was delayed, something that created a possibility of adding fake votes which favored a candidate from opposition.

The election had five contestants with Chadema's Ryoba winning witb 40,059 votes, while Kebwe from CCM got 39,232 votes. The other contestants and their votes were, Burito Thomas from ACT Wazalendo (1,445), Mosena Nyambabe from NCCR Mageuzi (408) and Imaculata Mniko from CUF (328).

Commenting about the issue, supervisor Nnko said Kebwe’s complaints should not be considered because his agents in polling stations did not have any complaints during the whole process of voting and tallying the results.

“I did my share of making sure the election is very fair and if he saw any problem during the process he was supposed to report to us instead of being quite, only to complain after release of results,” she said.
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