Sunday, October 18, 2015

Love Brewed In The Studio? Socialite Vanessa Chettle Dating Tanzanian Producer Sappy

A couple of weeks ago socialite Vanessa Chettle dropped her debut single I hate produced by the super talented Sappy from Tanzania.A song said to have been inspired by what Vanessa went through,betrayed by someone closest to her.

Well that was the beginning of more cosy than usual photos on their Instagram accounts and they still are at it,the photos escalating from we are just friends kind of poses to the yes we are doing it in the bedroom kinda poses.

Its evident that the Vanessa is dating Sappy who ghas in the past been rumored to have been romantically linked to another Kenyan lady,Nazizi Hirji.

It is also notable that dating life has changed this sultry lass quite a bit as she is not partying as she used to before,not drinking as much,she is putting on a few more clothes,she has been a good girl,she aint causing fusses anymore.She has kept a low profile on social media which had her fans asking what was up.
With that check out photos of these two lovebirds.

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