Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lulu And Wema Sepetu In a War ! + Wema Unhappy The Way Lulu Supports Diamond Platnumz In Every Move

Two Tanzanian hot celebrities Wema Sepetu and Lulu Elizabeth Michael are in a weaker friendship a thing never happened before, According to sources by Globalpublishers Wema is unhappy following Lulu's closeness to Diamond Platnumz who was Wema's man before things went kaput. It's said Wema doesn't like the way Lulu supports Diamond including Lulu's attendance at Diamond's birthday bash last week which happened at his home.

Weeks ago Wema Sepetu announced running for member of parliament through special seats(CCM) but a few days later Lulu took to twitter to say " Being Member of parliament isn't about having a hot shape or beauty" the tweet soon went viral on social media and many speculated it was directed to Wema. Lulu then was on EFM radio for interview and when asked about her tweet she said it has truth in it

Wema was asked by a paparazzi about her cold war with Lulu and she said she doesn't know what happened while Lulu was unrecheable.

The two actresses were so close in the past they even worked together in movies including House Boy.
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