Saturday, October 31, 2015

Magufuli puts corrupt, lazy public officials on notice

The President-elect, Dr John Magufuli, has issued a stern warning to bureaucratic and corrupt public officials, saying they should mend their ways or risk losing their positions.

He gave the warning shortly after receiving a certificate confirming his victory in the just-ended general election from National Electoral Commission (NEC) Chairman, Justice (Rtd) Damian Lubuva, alongside his running mate, Samia Hassan Suluhu, at Diamond Jubilee Hall , in Dar es Salaam, yesterday.

The ceremony was attended by outgoing President, Jakaya Kikwete, Prime Minister, Mizengo Pinda, outgoing National Assembly Speaker, Anne Makinda, members of the business community, religious leaders and representative from civil society organizations.

Later, at the Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) subhead office along Lumumba road in the city, he told supporters, “It is now time for work” amid applause and cheers from the crowd.

Others who attended the function included election monitors led by former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan, members of the diplomatic corps and media representatives.

Dr Magufuli pointed out that the nation was facing tough challenges, ranging from dilapidated infrastructure to water shortage and power instability.

“This is victory day for all Tanzanians and not for CCM members alone. I was elected by Tanzanians in general and not CCM members only. I shall work for Tanzanians, regardless their age, sex or political affiliation,” he said.

The president-elect assured the people that outgoing President Kikwete would be leaving the nation in “safe hands.”

With his wife, Janet, at his side, Dr Magufuli said he would embark on his presidential duties right from day one immediately after his swearing in on November 5.

He said the challenges ahead were tough, but expressed confidence that he would face them squarely, warning that he would not treat with glove hands those out to impede him on his mission to lead the country to prosperity.

He had harsh words for “hypocrites” in both the government and the party, particularly those who served under outgoing President Kikwete, blaming them for many of the problems the country was now facing.

Dr Magufuli called for cooperation from wananchi, saying he would need it in executing his duties.

“I shall need your support and cooperation in my implementation of the election manifesto with a view to bringing about positive transformation the country needs,” he stressed.

President Kikwete, for his part, reiterated his trust in Dr Magufuli, saying he was optimistic that he would usher in genuine change now being demanded by the majority of the people.

“Magufuli will take this nation to the next level where I failed to reach …enabling it to attain middle income status by 2025,” he said.

Earlier, before handing the president-elect and his running mate their victory certificates, NEC Chairman, Damian Lubuva, announced that Dr Magufuli had won 58.46 per cent of the votes cast across the country after garnering 8,882,935 votes.

He said Dr Magufuli was closely followed by Chadema presidential candidate and former prime minister, Edward Lowassa, who had 6,072,848 votes, equivalent to 39.97 per cent of the vote.

Other parties which took part in the general election and their results included Anna Mgwira of ACT-Wazalendo who got 98,763 votes; Chief Rutalosa Yemba of ADC (66,049 votes); Chauma’s Hashimu Rungwe (49,256 votes); Janken Kasambala of NRA (8,021 votes); Macmillan Lyimo of TLP (8,198 votes), and Fahmi Dovutwa of UPDP, who got 7,785 votes.

However, Lyimo (TLP), Rungwe (Chauma) and Lowassa (Chadema) skipped the ceremony in the city yesterday while Anna Mgwira (ACT) and Chief Yemba (ADC) were the only opposition candidates who attended.

Mgwira said Tanzanians had high expectations, and called on CCM to pay greater attention to a new constitution which is people-oriented; a government of national unity, and equality between men and women.
“The people want economic changes,” she told the president-elect.

“Leaders are civil servants,” Chief Yemba cautioned Dr Magufuli, noting that for the first time the election was free and fair.
Goodluck Jonathan, Nigerian former president and Commonwealth head of election observation mission, called on the ruling party to abide by the election manifesto and fulfill its promises to the nation.
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