Wednesday, November 4, 2015

“I Love Watching Lions Having S.3x, It Turns Me On” – Huddah Monroe

From Vera Sidika wanting to have Africa’s best wedding without getting married to, now, Huddah Monroe getting turned on by watching animals mating, I can only imagine the next ludicrous thing these socialites will come up with.

Huddah, who is currently on a business tour of Europe, is a lover of animals. And no, not the usual dog and cat. She loves the King of the jungle and wants you all to know why. Read her drunken story below;
French people love kissing! Eww! The rough the sex the better! Biting and scratching like wild animals. Can’t stand a humble man! Lord help. Have you ever watched lions f**k? I just think lions have the best sex ever! Animals don’t turn me on. Lions only.  – Huddah Monroe
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