Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Now That Magufuli Has Won, This Tanzanian Woman Will Surely Enjoy S.3x (Video)

A female voter in Tanzania had sensationally vowed on video not to engage in s3x until her candidate of choice CCM’s Dr. John Magufuli wins the Presidential election.
 But if he won, she had promised to not only engage in some bedroom action, but also to conceive and bear three children. 
 Now that Magufuli has been declared winner I can only imagine how thrilled the woman must be. 
Magufuli garnered 8,882,935 votes against Edward Lowassa’s 6,072,848 votes. 
Watch the video below in which we highly advise viewer discretion due to the ad.ult nature of the content;

Woman Promises Sex If John Magufuli Wins Tanzania’s Presidential Election
Posted by Mpasho News on Thursday, October 29, 2015
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