Friday, November 6, 2015

Zari Blasts Haters For Accusing Her Of Applying Make Up On Her Kid.

Yesterday, there was trending photo of Princess Tiffa, Zari’s 2 month old baby wearing  make up that spawned a sh-t load of wild accusations against the  boss lady’s parenting skills through social media.  (See photo Below)
First it was the accusations that Zari allows her kid to wear makeup that includes lipstick and blush which is particularly inaccurate because Tiffah is only 2 months old she literally can’t feed herself.  Next came the criticism that Ivan Ssemwanga’s EX has turned her kid into a whore;
Zari is the stupid** woman I have ever seen in my life, yah its your baby this doesn't mean they are ok with the father sleeping with them or marrying them because it's what you want...  I don't care what you gonna' say but look what you've done to your baby and a child turns into a who** while grown we ask why? Huh.-- Dave Dash

The Boss lady calmly replied to all these accusations that the make up on her kid wasn’t actual make up, it was a smart phone application (APP) that did all facial modifications and that her haters lack of sophistication: She wrote;
Thanks for tagging me in these beautiful edits. And for my neighbors this is an APP not actual make up. provincialism eases.-- Zari
For those who need the facial make up APP, it’s called You CAM- Make Over Studio. Follow this Link.
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