Monday, April 17, 2017

Whatsapp Conversation Leaked Between Two Savages Who Sleep With Each Other's Girlfriends

Men lie, women lie numbers and screenshots however…

And the screenshots game has become something most smart people in today’s society fear. I know I do. And that is because I have seen people I know get exposed by screenshots. And this would be a case of the similar -same story, different cast.

It also kinda makes me wonder about the kind of friends some of you lot keep. The story starts after a guy -let’s call him Sam. So Sam Guy has just found out that his friend and fellow area boy A.N. Other has slept with his woman. He asks him about it on Whatsapp and A.N. Other tells him that it’s true that he slept with Sam’s hoodrat.

He however offers to make amends by letting Sam sleep with the new lass he is pursuing. No really, that is the sum total of the conversation. Some things need to be seen to be believed so have a look and see for yourself:
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